5 killer marketing articles you should read right now

5 killer articlesPart of being an entrepreneur is constantly learning, as I discussed in my last blog post. As a social media and marketing professional, I have a selection of blogs and newsletters I follow to keep up on all the latest news, tips and recommendations in my niche – and believe me, it’s a lot to keep up with.

So to help you keep up with the marketing and social tips you need to grow your business, I’ve picked out five gems to share:

  1. Manage your online reputation in 6 easy steps – by Ragan. Online reputation management is a vital aspect of your social media strategy; this article offers a solid overview to get you started.
  2. 5 ways to attract social media followers – by PR Daily. Particularly when you’re just starting out on social media, building up a following is one of your first challenges. Find some excellent tips here.
  3. Update Your Website: How to Write Great SEO Headlines – by Media Contour. One of the biggest challenges for a blogger is writing engaging, attention-grabbing headlines that will attract readers AND search engines.
  4. Stop Thinking About SEO and Relax Already – by MarketingProfs. I know the last article gave tips for SEO-friendly headlines… but sometimes you just need to forget about SEO. In my experience, some business owners get too absorbed in writing for SEO and lose sight of producing quality content for their readers. This article offers some good perspective.
  5. How to Use Hashtags in your Social Media Marketing – by SocialMedia Examiner. Are you in the dark about what a #hashtag is? This article gives a great overview of what it is, when to use them, and how to best use for your marketing strategies.

Happy reading and learning! I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the articles.

© 2013 Alicia Olsen (Image © Budda | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images)

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